How to self-refer

How to self refer

Sometimes people are reluctant to talk to people about their eating problems because they feel their problem is not serious enough, and may be concerned about wasting others time. They may also feel ashamed of, or embarrassed about sharing their struggles for fear of being judged. EDS is available to discuss and clarify any concerns individuals may have in deciding if a referral to our service is appropriate.

EDS community service accepts self-referrals from individuals suffering with mild or moderate symptoms of an eating disorder. Potential clients can make initial contact with the service via phone, post or email. In response, we will get in touch, usually by phone (or another way of contact that suits the person) to obtain more background information about their eating problems. An assessment appointment would then be arranged to meet one of our team to discuss their situation in more detail. This will help us decide the nature of our support.

EDS cannot accept self-referrals to the day service programme due to the severity of the clients’ physical and or psychological risks. Referrals are only accepted from the Severe Eating Disorder Consultation and Assessment Service (SEDCAS – part of CMHT) or the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT). Individuals who are not under the care of the CMHT, will require urgent referrals by their GP’s to the CMHT for assessment before being considered onto the day programme.