What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy refers to a range of “talking” therapies.

Individual Therapy

Therapy at EDS consists of one-hour weekly individual sessions, when the clients and their therapists can explore issues e.g. thoughts, feelings, life events or patterns of behaviours that have caused difficulties in their life. The therapists will try to facilitate them to explore these areas and help to find ways to resolve these difficulties, or support them to seek alternative more constructive forms of coping.

In order to maximise the benefit of this form of input, clients’ commitment to regular weekly attendance and willingness to make changes (no matter how small these may be) are the key to a positive outcome. It is important to be realistic and not too ambitious by expecting improvements immediately. It takes time to make and stay with the changes which is often painful and challenging for individuals.

Group Therapy

This is a form of therapy where a small number of clients meet on a weekly basis to talk, interact and support each other with the help of one or two therapists. Group therapy aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for the individuals to work out specific issues. They may gain insight into their difficulties and offer support and suggestions to the other members. Group therapy is not for everyone and is only offered after careful consideration, balancing the clients’ needs and the benefits from this type of input.

Dietetic Guidance and Support

Nutrition is an integrative aspect of our input. The Specialist Dietitian’s role is to educate individuals on what their body needs to survive as well as to develop confidence in living a healthier life. If it is helpful, a meal plan may be offered after consultation with the client to redress a balance of their nutritional needs. The focus is not on weight gain or loss unless there is a physical/medical risk that may jeopardise their input at EDS, this would be discussed with the person concerned. Regular meeting with the dietitian will help the clients to work through their needs and difficulties.