Welcome to EDS

Since 1995, EDS has been providing specialist support to those living with eating disorders in the Plymouth and West Devon area. As a charity we are proud to offer our services for free to anyone aged 18 and up struggling with the impacts of an eating disorder.

We know that accessing help can be daunting and we are committed to providing you specialist tailored support.

EDS accepts professional and self-referrals.

We work with anyone age 18 and over.

Professional and self referrals can be made over the telephone or via email.

Eating disorders are illnesses in which people experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviours and related thoughts and emotions. People with eating disorders typically become preoccupied with food and their bodyweight.

They can affect people of any age, gender or background and develop at any stage in life.

Eating disorders are often secret, some common signs might be:

  • Eating more or less than usual.
  • Exercising more, even when injured.
  • Weight loss or gain.
  • Making yourself vomit after eating.
  • Significant distress related to food and body image.
  • Manipulation of medication.

I have received an absolutely incredible service from all at the EDS – from my self-referral, all the way through my CBT-10 course, to the dietetic input; I’m so grateful!

A Previous EDS Client

My journey with EDS has been amazing, from referral, assessment, to therapy, I cannot fault the service. It has been an incredible support. I am so grateful for their compassionate care throughout. Their non-judgemental, kind, empathetic approach to intervention has without a doubt made engaging with the service effortless. Their expertise has taught me so much about myself; the knowledge tools given throughout the sessions will have a lasting positive impact on my physical emotional health… EDS’s dedication to helping me on this journey has given me the insight to my disorder and everything I need to continue my recovery of freedom. Thank you, will never be enough!

A Previous EDS Client

This service has really changed my life. In just 10 weeks the person I used to be feels so far away, I never thought I’d be able to live like a normal human being around food but I can and feel confident that I can continue. Thank you so much.

A Previous EDS Client

I am extremely grateful for the therapy I have had and for having had this opportunity to get help to see things in a different light. EDS has helped me to face situations from the past and realise how the feelings I faced then, still affect me now.   This helped me to realise that I don’t have to let those people have power over me any more and to remember that I do have the power to overcome them, not just in the way I eat but how I feel facing the world every day. I can’t thank you enough!

A Previous EDS Client

The input I have received has and will make a lasting impact on my future. So far, it has completely changed my life. I am a different person, managing my behaviours in a healthier way.

A Previous EDS Client