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At Eating Disorder Service Plymouth

We offer short to medium-term therapeutic and dietetic intervention for those who:

  • Are age 18 or over
  • Are struggling with the symptoms of an eating disorder
  • Are able to commit to and make use of therapy as a way of challenging their eating disorder problems
  • Are physically or psychologically stable
  • If declining, are willing to engage in more intensive input if appropriate and involve other health care services to manage any risks that may arise

Types of Support

Individual Therapy

Therapy at EDS consists of one-hour weekly individual sessions. EDS uses a variety of evidence-based treatments such as CBT-E, CBT-T and MANTRA.

Therapists will facilitate exploration of present difficulties and help find ways to resolve these, or provide support in seeking alternative, more constructive forms of coping.

To maximise the benefit of this form of input, clients’ commitment to regular weekly attendance and willingness to make changes (no matter how small these may be) are the key to a positive outcome.

It is important to be realistic and not too ambitious by expecting improvements immediately. It takes time to make and stay with the changes which can often be painful and challenging.

Group Therapy

EDS group therapy is facilitated by one or two therapists and involves a small number of clients meeting on a weekly basis to talk, interact and support each other and learn about specific issues around eating disorders.

Group therapy aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to work on specific issues.

Group therapy is not for everyone and is only offered after careful consideration, balancing the clients’ needs and the benefits from this type of input.

Day Service

The EDS day service is a more intensive 3-day programme that aims to help individuals who are more at risk to stabilise and restore weight.

The programme involves group sessions designed to empower and educate individuals on topics including cooking, nutrition, coping strategies and self-care. These skills-based sessions help client’s manage their own recovery journey, with support.

The day service is only open to referral via a professional such as the GP.

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