Referrals will involve an initial telephone conversation to collect some basic details.

Following this you will be sent some questionnaires to help us get a better understanding of your current difficulties.

Once you have completed the questionnaires, you will be offered an assessment.


Assessments can take up to two hours and can be done either in person or online. Assessments allow us to gain a more detailed picture of your current difficulties.

Following assessment, we will contact you to discuss the outcome.

If we believe we are the right service for you, you will be added into our therapy waiting list.

If we are not the right place for you, we can recommend where the appropriate service might be.


Therapy offered is evidence based and tailored to the individual’s needs. Therapy can be one to one or in a group setting and can take place in person or online.

Group therapies are led by trained professionals and include the guided self-help and the body image group.

We may offer dietetic sessions with our specialist dietician. Carer’s sessions can be offered to someone supporting you.